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Purchase an Artwork

Purchase an Artwork

Friends! Now you have an opportunity to choose and buy an original, best quality artwork at the best price beacause there are no agents between you and artist! You can order an artwork you want as well!

The Artwork with a history. A way to the finished artwoks could take a few years (if its not an order of couse)). There are real impressions caught by artist's brush in etudes. There is evolution of idea and skills. Each and every Artwork was created with inspiration and has a story, idea, philosophical seekings. That is the key difference between the true artwok and those made for sales only.

You can choose an artwork in our virtual gallery and see it live in the gallery space at the second floor of International Centre of Culture and arts «Zhovtnevyi Palats» or in the Art Studio of October Palace "Zelo".

Artistic process




Each painting is a unique, original artwork and resulted of author's creative process. Creation of each artwork started with sketching, detailed composition development and artistic approach.


The artworks created in compliance with thechnology of oil painting or other that guarantee its lifetime preservation in case of correct storage and exhbition.

Canvas stretching

Paintings which you can see in our virtual gallery and have prices are available for purchasing. The prices are in US Dollars.

You can order a piece of art as well. You can choose any genre (landscape, genre painting, still-life, portrait) and techique (painting, graphics). Author will consider your any requests and offer interesting approaches. Terms and prices are individual for each single case.

If you want to know the price and timescales of artwork creation (portrait, landscape etc.)
You can use FORM

Please, find more information about portrait ordering here.

Expression in artwork:

Gallery - the Art Studio are in the centre of Kiev, in Pechersk, near Maidan Nezalezhnosti. There is a car parking.

Regardless the country of your residence you can order and buy artworks freely because the author safely pack and ship the artwork for you!

We are open for mutually beneficial partnership!

Entrance to Gallery

For a purchase you can contact us by contacts at the bottom of the page or via feeedback form. Manager will arrange the most convenient way of payment and artwork delivering for you: cash or non-cash, with shipping or without it.