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Art Talks

Art Talks

Our Talks are interactive and followed up by not merely stories and slideshows but seeing of original pieces of art from private collections. In the course of Talk the artist demonstrate the teqhniques of creation of one of the represented artworks.

Solodarenko MariannaArt Talks moderator, Solodarenko Marianna, is an experienced Fine Art expert always presents deep but clear and interesting material. Here you get acquainted not only with artists and their heritage but with their place in this or other cultural epoch.


Disctussions with a cup of tea or coffe are part of the art talks because Fine Arts Studio always give a warm welcome to its guests! Art Talks groups are small that's why here is a comfortable and luxury atmosphere.

Just see the gallery of our Art Talks:

Painting by Shovkunenko O

The Art Talks are held in the centre of Kyiv at Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) in the Fine Arts Studio of October palace on Saturday at 14:00. Duration - 1,5-2 hours. Use contacts below for booking your participation.

Yanina S   Yanina Shevchenko

А что Вы знаете о Черном квадрате Малевича??? Благодаря нашим партнерам по Конкурсу-Фестивалю "Омріяна Україна очима дітей" я узнала много интересного!

Natalia  Наталья Ракша

Лектор супер! очень интересный материал: глубокий хорошо структурированный. Из таких лекций можно почерпнуть много новой информации

Lileina A  Alaya Lileina

Хорошая лекция, интересный лектор.

Viktoriya K   Виктория Котенко

Это совершенно другой мир...мир, в котором царит дух творчества, тонкой и темпераментной натуры, которая есть в каждом. Попав, однажды в студию - Вы не станете прежним!!!