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Master Classes

Master Classes

Master Class on Oil Painting by Art Studio "Zelo" is a piece of Art made by yourself in one lesson only! Master class

We are painting from the beginning of the lesson till the moment you have the finished artwork you like! The duration of such a master class is 3- 3,5 hour in average. The experienced english-speaking artists will help you in it!

Even if You have no experience neither in Oil Painting nor in Visual Arts the Artist'll provide you detailed instructions for successful work!

We do our paintings from real settings. It is always interesting and involving:


It's true, we don't do copies from pictures but try to find out an authentic composition and artistic approach. Thus the artworks of the master class participants are realy originall and unique!

There are artworks of the master class participants (some of them have never held a brush and palette:)

Student's Artworks


How do we do this?

On stretched canvases of 40х50 cm dimensions. We use oil paints and different techniques each time such as a-la-prima, multiple layers painting, impasto as well as various instruments, approaches and styles, get acquainted with techniques of old masters and modern artists. Thus our master classes are unique and vary from time to time!

 Alesya Tkachenko is painting her piece:

At Master Class

What else?

At the beginning of master class we provide you a set of protection clothes (clean apron and gloves) thus there is no need to worry about your dress and manicure. At the end we safely pack your masterpiece in cardboard pack with handles so you can travel around the city with it:

Protection Clothes set

The Artist itself preferes work in white shirt and tie:Ternovskyi


Why do you refrain yourself from the real Art Party???

About the values. The price of such a master class in Zelo Art Studio is 500 uah.

The Painting you are going to create is of much more value than a price of master class. Besides, you can scarcely apprice the fruitfullness of a time spent as well as emotions and impressions gained!

And what about warm conversation with a cup of tea?

Чай кофе

Friends, hurry up! Because group for master classes are small!

Master classes start each Friday at 19:00. The topic of master class you can always find in our Social pages!

You can book your participation by phone: +38 50 911 64 24 (it's nessesary for us because we have to provide you with all you need for a comfort painting!)


Viktoriya K   Виктория  Котенко

Я не рисовала. Вообще...лет и лет. Спасибо прекрасному гуру кисти, сеанс в 4 часа не оставил за плечами ни капли неуверенности. Приятная компания, занимательные беседы и самое главное- понимание того, что и Вы-тоже Художник.

Evgenia S  Yevgenia Sarakhan

Спасибо за чудесную тему и введение в технику экспрессионизма:-) Уверенна, эти цветы будут озорять и согревать лучиками солнца не только долгими зимними вечерами

Valentina P  Valentina Pobedova

ДА! Удовольствие колоссальное)))

Lileina A   Alaya Lileina

Чем уникальны мастер классы Ярослава? Мы рисуем с натуры. Не многие художники проводят мастер-классы с натуры.Все дело в том, что Ярослав знакомит нас каждый раз с новой техникой и потому картины всегда получаются непохожие друг на друга. К тому же можно всегда познакомиться с чем-то новым.