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Adult WorkShops


Art Studio Workshops is the most efficient way for gaining new and honing the existing skills in Visual Arts!


In workshops we work with still-life settings, plainair and photomaterials, get acquainted with the theory of Visual Arts and Artists' experience, discuss interesting art events.


You can apply to the workshop having any basic skills and artist draw and adjust a studying programme for you personnaly during the classes. Besides each workshop splits on sub-workshops according to the topic and skills obtained by students: painting or graphics, basic skills or complicated compositional job.

We Have:

Morning Workshop for adults.
Classes on Monday and Wednesday. Start at 10:00. Duration - 2,5 hours.
Basic abonement price - 500 uah/month.


Evening Workshop for adults.
Classes on Monday and Wednesday. Start at 18:30. Duration - 2,5 hours.
Basic abonement price - 600 uah/month

Evening Workshop

Weekend Workshop for adults.
Classes on Saturday and Sunday. Start at 10:00. Duration - 2,5 hours.
Basic abonement price - 600 uah/month

Children Workshop.
Classes on Sunday. Start at 10:00. Duration - 2,5 hours.
Basic abonement price - 500 uah/month

Children WorkShop

Colours – poverfull means of Visual Arts! Let you be the Master of Colours, be free in Grades that comprises the Life. Dare and sharp Composition. Maximum of expression. Do you draw an the table? Feel the strength of Drawind, its multi-sided visual force. Its not merely joyment! In workshops painting and drawing became familiar to your hand at last!

Yes, the Art Studio of October Palace is not a High School that's why you aren't goona face the flat methodology only. Our Classes are interesting and live!

Even if your aim is not to dive in Visual Arts science but have an active rest in creating nice-looking piece we'll help you! In any case the intellectual strength and assets of the Studio are guarantee you perfect art environment.

Artworks of Students

We work in plainair regularly. We have Classes both in the streets and parks of Kiev and in outskirts of the city. Endtrance to National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture and M. Gryshko National Botanic Garden for Art Studio of October Palace "Zelo" is for free!

 On Plainairs

Another reason for coming to the Art Studio is that the initial Classes in any Workshop are free of charge! Thus, the only thing you have to bring with is will of creation!

In case you like what we are doing you can determine the most convevient form of attendance: use your own art materials or those of Studio, by an abonement or separate Classes, visit Studio once, twice or more times a week etc.

For an additional information you can see the PPT-presentation:

Жовтневий палац

You can find us easily because two subway branches with exits to Khreschatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) stations are in the closest approach. The Art Studio is situated in Pechersk in International Centre of Culture and Arts "Zhovtnevui Palats". The entrance in Studio is from the left wing of Zhovtnevui Palats (4th Entrance), room 28.