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Ukraine of Dream

Blue and yellow are tints of the State Colours provided by the Main Law of Ukraine… Blue and yellow are colours in constant contradiction and meanwhile in antagonistic unity. Blue and yellow are paints of which children are masters. And there were a lot of interesting in the contest-festival "Ukraine of Dream by Children".

 Children drawing

Children createBeneath the blue sky the fingers of wheat are growing up like fingers of the sun that gently touch black soil they sprung from under the ground. Protuberances of sunflowers are next and flow into the sky. They attract man's eyes inevitably. The light of orange spreads it's reign over the steppes and meadows lefting blue-eyed shadows in the corners of Picturesque Ukraine. What a brilliant colours are used by Children's fantasy in expessing scarcely childish thougths! Here is the whole country seems to balance on the rope of dual world: betwen happiness and sorrow, sun and darkness, prosperity and waste. Nevertheless, the optimistic strive to reach the end of rope is in those vibrant colours and forms as well as willingness for firm basement of wisdom and prosperity!

Children draw Ukraine

Maryna Poroshenko

And now on the Day of National Colours of Ukraine, held simultaneously with the festival Ukraine of Dreams, the First lady of the state Maryna Poroshenko acknowledge the leadership of children dreams expressed in the best manner in their artworks.

Everyone coud participate in construction of the largest puzzle "Ukraine" underlining in symbolic manner the importance of each and everyone in developing the Ukraine of Dream. When you are in the right place and in the right time. When you are motivated by not the mass lunacy but love to what you are doing.

Constructing the puzzle

Letters to Soldiers

Now the everyone can sent a warm message to soldiers that fulfill ther duty in the crisis regions of Ukraine and than go to the place where children are going to set the national Record!

And Clidren reached that goal. They set the first in their life Record but they can be proud of it. The Painting with dimensions two by seven meters under the supervision of the Artist Jamal Badwan painted by the thirty artists is ready!

Jamal Badwan

Its a big pleasure that the Fine Arts Studio of October Palace "Zelo" could participate in this festival organized by international Charitable funds "Ukraine of Dream" and "Heart of the World" offering the opportunity to create the image of the Ukraine of Dream for everybody!


We believe that blue and yellow colours do not compel us on walking to and fro but shed the light on our Path in their Blessed colour contrast!