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Social initiatives of the Art Studio "Zelo"

Social initiatives of FAS Zelo encompass a wide spectrum of activities.

There are art classes for priviliged stratum of society, master classes. There are charitable art sales, auctions. There is variety of interactives, quests, contests which are fruitful for both those who took part in it and those who need help and support.

 What we've done:

  • Charity master class and art sale on the festival "Unity-2014"

Майстер класMaster class designed to familiarze people with the wolrd of Art. It provided an opportunity to be in artist's shoes.Through recognizing ourselves as Creators we assume te responsibility for our own future and the future of the whole Ukraine which is possibe in unity but not in separation.

Took part: everyone. The Children Art area was set up.

  • Charitable master class - lottery for the needs of serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Майстер клас - лотереяMaster calss on oil painting was the prise for lottery winners. All the income was allocated for the needs of serviceman. Goal: to demonstrate that anyone can practice Visual Arts and the ways through which the Art developes the common mankind values.

Took part: lottery winners. Everyone created an artwork which were exposed on Vernissage of Institute of International Relations and in Art exhibition in Arka Gallery.

  • Charitable New Year master class for children

З новим рокомMaster class "Greetings with New Year" designed to familiarize children with a new techniques of Visual Arts and as a part of greeting by Art Studio "Zelo".

Took part: any of children. Technique - soft pastel.


  • Academic draw course for everybody

Курс рисункуFree academic draw course for everybody aimed at familiarizing people with the Visual Art craft. It's for those who has a desire but due to any reason haven't got an oppotrunity. The imagination and creativity skills are developed as well. Besides the foundamental skills in drawing each participant could acquainted himself with art heritage of the artists of previous generations.

Took part: anyone, 6 lessons. Programme of studying comprises lessons from the sipmlest (basic) form to the human-shaped forms.

  • Programme for displaced and privleged persons

Пільгові групиIn any art workshop a place for internally displaced and privilege person reserved who can not afford casses on regular basis. Also in this manner the Art Studio support the young artists, students of high art schools, who had to leave the studying because of crisis in the East of Ukraine.


  • Charitable quest Maidan makes miracles

Майдан творить диваQuest was organized for pupils of 8-11 class in cooperation with the Small Academy of Science. An adventurous event full of intellectuall, artistic tasks and even mystery designed to give a chance for youngsters to touch live Kiev history and Visual Arts. It also collected money for the needs of serviceman who fulfilled their duty in crisis regions of Ukraine.

  • First Charitable Art Sale

Благодійна виставкаAmong the artworks exposed were those made by professionals and amateurs. Within the framework of art sale the charitable lottery was held. The income of artwork sale is 6 550 uah. The lottery collected 3 415 uah. In total 9 965 uah! Hurray!


  • Second Charitable Art Sale

Благодійна виставка-продажWithin the Charitable Art Sale the Charitable lottery was held where for 10 uah everyone could win the fine artworks. Its a pleasure to see the unexpected happiness of luck or dreamy eyes from predictions which are also in the lottery. In total 4 250 uah.

  • Charitable Art Sale in cooperation with International Charity Foundation «Let the world know the Ukraine»

Благодійна акціяIn column hall of October palace the exhibition of artworks started where everyone can choose a piece of art of high quality and help in this way those compatriots who were harmed in the result of crisis in the East of Ukraine and children who needs the recovery.


  • Charitable Auction of Arts

Благодійний аукціонOn the 23rd of May in October palace the truly Charitable event was held. The pieces of art were provided by more than 30 artists of Ukraine and were represented by more than 150 paintings, graphics and sculptures. Guests could see the art exhibition and auction which had 36 lots. Those who became owners of pieces of art helped collect the sum of 19 865 uah!

  • International family day in Maiinskyi park

День сім'їThe International Charity Foundation "Heart of the World" and the Fine Arts Studio of October Palace "Zelo" joined the family holiday wich was held in Mariinskyi park of Kyiv city with Vitaliy Klichko. Anyone could try to create a plainair artwork under artist's supervision in soft pastel technique.


  • Contest-festival “Ukraine of dream by Children 2015”

Омріяна Україна

Its a big pleasure that the Fine Arts Studio of October Palace "Zelo" could participate in this festival organized by international Charitable funds"Ukraine of Dream" and "Heart of the World" offering the opportunity to create the image of the Ukraine of Dream for everybody!